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Optometrist in Knoxville, TN

Dr. Reach graduated Gibbs High School in 2003. He then attended the University of Tennessee and graduated in 2007. After graduation from UT, Dr. Reach moved to Memphis, TN to attend the Southern College of Optometry where he earned his doctorate degree in 2012. Dr. Reach was excited to return to Knoxville to start his career and family with wife Kristen. He joined Halls Vision Clinic in 2012 and enjoys diagnosing and managing ocular diseases along with fitting contact lenses and eyeglasses. He is a member of the East Tennessee Society of Optometric Physicians, Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians and American Optometric Association.
Dr. Reach - professional eye care services in Knoxville, TN
Dr. Reach
Dr. Reach is one of two physicians on staff at Halls Vision. Along with Dr. Louthan, Dr. Reach assists with eye exams, the fitting of eyeglasses and finding the right prescription for your contact lenses. When it comes to professional eye care services, Dr. Reach knows which ones will be covered by your vision insurance. Dr. Reach also has some important tips for you to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your eyes healthy:
1. Don't spend too much time on your computer.
Keeping your eyes on your computer screen for too many hours a day can quickly lead to eyestrain and blurry vision. Even more common are headaches, dry eyes and pain in your neck, back or shoulders. In order to circumvent these issues, Dr. Reach recommends you limit your time spent staring at a computer screen if at all possible.
2. Come in for regular checkups.
Even the youngest among us need to have their eyes checked regularly to ensure that their eyes stay healthy. Regular eye exams can also help to identify common eye diseases as they develop before it's too late to receive proper treatment. Issues such as glaucoma can have no symptoms but may still be detected by an eye exam.
The most important thing to Dr. Reach is that his patients are both happy and healthy. Whether it's time for your next eye exam or you simply have some questions on how to keep your eyes healthy, reach out to Halls Vision. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or schedule your upcoming appointment. When you come to Halls Vision, your care is our primary concern. We'll work hard to ensure that you receive the absolute best care possible during each visit.